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**This blog is part of a new (work in progress) series of posts intended to provide BCOS members (and anyone else who is interested) access to detailed information on local hiking and paddling trails.

This Bayou Bodcau Paddling Trail is accessed from the boat launch on the downstream side of Bodcau Dam in Haughton, LA. The trail is a beautiful 4-mile point-to-point trek through gorgeous cypress forests. One of the marked "Louisiana Purchase Cypress Legacy - Alive in 1803 #67" trees can be found along this trail. The take-out point for this paddle is the boat launch at the "Twin Bridges" on HWY 157 in Bellevue, LA. Depending on your pace (and the water level/current), this paddle can last 2 to 3 hours. When water levels are very low certain sections of this trail are difficult (or impossible) to pass through. When water levels are very high the current can be swift and challenging in places. This is one of the Bayou Chapter of the Ozark Society's FAVORITE paddling trails!!

Trail type: Paddling (Point to Point)

Trail length: 4 miles

Description: Beautiful, easy paddle (depending on water levels) through open water and through sections that take you through gorgeous forrests of spanish moss laden cypress trees.

Parking/other instructions: Since this is a point to point paddle you need to plan to shuttle a vehicle to the take out point.

Cost: There is no cost, but you do need to check in when using the Bodcau Wildlife Management Area either by using the LDWF app or by checking in at the iron ranger station at the top of the dam (on the road leading to the Tom Merrill campground area).

Restrooms/Facilities: there are nice restrooms in the Tom Merrill campground area

Directions and Google Map for Launch Location: Access the Bayou Bodcau boat launch (on the downstream side of Bodcau Dam) by turning off of Bodcau Dam Road toward Tom Merrill campground (you'll see the big iron ranger station at this turn-off). Follow the road to and around the dam outlet to the primitive boat launching area. Google map location of this launch:

Google Map for Take Out Location (HWY 157 "twin bridges" boat launch in Bellevue):

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Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson
May 16, 2022

I'm in if I'm not on call or working


sonya armstrong
sonya armstrong
Apr 11, 2022

Thanks for sharing, good info 👍

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