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**This blog is part of a new (work in progress) series of posts intended to provide BCOS members (and anyone else who is interested) access to detailed information on local hiking and paddling trails.

The Monkey Trail is a series of loop trails throughout 800+ acres of mature hardwood forest at Eddie D Jones Park. Open dawn to dusk every day.

1. 4-Mile Loop (begins/ends at parking lot)

Trail type: HIKING-LOOP

Trail length: 4 miles

Elevation gain: 200-300 ft

Description: Fairly easy (a few hills to ascend); Typically does not require water crossing; trails are well maintained; WATCH OUT FOR cyclists (these trails are used by mountain bikers) and be prepared to step off trail/yield to cyclists; THIS 4-mile route begins and ends at the parking lot. Can add the separately listed 1 mile loop for a 5 mile route.

Parking/other instructions: Parking at the pavilion/silo area and trailheads are accessible from this parking lot area

Cost: no cost and no check-in required

Restrooms/Facilities: there are restrooms at the pavilion (typically very clean/nice); there are picnic tables at this location as well

Google Map for Trailhead Location:

All Trails App Link:

TrailForks App Link: (work in progress)

Gaia App Link:

GPX File (can be downloaded into any GPS app):

Other Resources (pdf/paper maps, etc):

2. Additional 1-mile loop (makes a good add-on to the 4-mile loop)

Description: This additional 1-mile loop is accessible near the end of the previously described 4 mile route and makes a nice addition for a 5 mile total hike. It ends at the parking lot.

All Trails App Link:

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