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How to Sign Up! "Desktop Version"

If you are interested in the outdoors and what BCOS has to offer let's get you signed up!

If you are on desktop, in the upper right hand of the site you will see a button that says sign in. Click it.

Now the Log In screen should display.

Where it says "New to the site? Sign up" The Sign Up is a link that will take you to the page to create an account.

Just select how you want to sign up and you are good to go!

If you are an active BCOS Member shoot me "Grant Perkins" a message and let me know you have signed up! I will then give your account a badge that will give you access to the Active Members of our site.

If you aren't an Active Member, don't worry, you are more than welcome to use this site and be part of the greater outdoor community we are building!

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